Information and research institution "Regional Development Bureau"

Expertise and development in the field of regional development. 


Our main task is to help the Belarusian regions improve their relative economic performance and reduce social and economic disparities within and between regions. 

Mission of the organization is to support democratic initiatives, the development of vocational competencies and providing opportunities for the regions’ and the country's development.

Our mission is carried out through the following specific actions:

Our efforts are aimed at deepening mutual understanding between representatives of the three sectors of the Belarusian society through the provision of a wide range of information, consulting and educational services with the aim of creation and improvements conditions for the sustainable development of Belarusian regions and towns.

The main directions work of the organization is: 

Social-Economic Development

Working with the different groups of society to improve their social-economic conditions, through various vocational training, economic development and social projects.

School of Regional Development

The course, running in a summer school format, acquaints students with the fundamentals of economic, cultural and social activities that can be taken for the benefit of the region.

Regional Branding

Creates an individual image of the region (municipality), thereby making it distinguishable among the counterparts; highlights local competitive advantages.

Business Survey

Allows to assess the economic potential of the region (municipality) and monitor trends across the country.

Regional Policy Analysis

The course (workshop format) lays out the methodology of «policy analysis» and decision-making; it also allows to test the acquired knowledge and skills in practice.

Regional Investment Guide

Presents the region (municipality) to potential investors according to their needs and expectations.

City Rating

Allows to measure and compare the socio-economic development of the Belarusian regions (municipalities) against specific criteria.

Engaging the Unemployed

The course designed in a Sunday school format introduces students to the trends on the regional labor market and also motivates them for a more meaningful search of work.

Support to Publishing Projects

Motivational and technical support to the initiatives dealing in socio-political, cultural, historical publishing.

Support to Internet Projects

Motivational and technical support to the initiatives engaged in regional Internet projects.

Information and research institution "Regional Development Bureau" applies different methodologies to enhance opportunities for creating social capital and increase civil awareness among the population. 

Our staff is a team of qualified experts in various areas of specialization. We also have long-established contacts with an extensive network of external experts ready to qualitatively and quickly solve the set tasks inc cooperation with the staff of the organization. 


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