Working out of design, structure, and also filling by the information maintenance of a different sort of information products. We do an information product of any format, but only such which actually helps our client to achieve the object. 

Leaflets and flyers

We will help you to develop design of leaflets and we will make everything that your services or the goods would distinguish among competitors.

Advertising leaflet

The advertising leaflet is the most used kind of advertising polygraphy. It, undoubtedly, is more informative and compact, than a leaflet. We offer working out of design of the advertising leaflet of your company, the professional approach to polygraphy and advertising leaflet creation in the shortest terms.


The brochures give more capacious data on the company or production which volume can contain also texts devoted to the description of the goods, services, benefits, and the illustrations providing presentation of a material.

Corporate editions

Not only good reputation, but also the rallied corporate spirit is necessary for successful development of the company.

One of the decision tools of internal and external communications are corporate editions which shine a position and opinion of the company without distortions. And it is one of advantages of corporate mass-media - magazine or the newspaper.

The periodic corporate edition is the serial edition, being published:

The corporate press is issued for employees, clients, or simultaneously for those and others.

Corporate mass-media will help you to solve following problems successfully:

For a client: 

We give a full complex of the services connected with working out, manufacture and advancement of corporate printing editions. You can order from us creation of the newspaper or other corporate edition from scratch.

The digital photo press of the image on CD/DVD

The digital photo press of the image on CD/DVD - is the most widespread way of drawing of the image on CD/DVD today. The major feature is possibility of the press of the image with the highest permission! That is the image on a disk turns out photographic quality of the press, and it is formed directly on a disk surface, instead of pasted to a disk, any intermediate material is not used here. CD/DVD replication.

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